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Gems building, No.69, Xihuan Road, Wuzhou, Guangxi Province, China.

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colorful cubic zirconia
synthetic corundum
fusion stone
four leaf clover
synthetic opal
cubic zirconia_banner
Round cut cz

Round Cut CZ

oval cut cz

Oval Cut CZ

pear cut cz

Pear Cut CZ

marquise cut cz

Marquise Cut CZ

heart cut cz

Heart Cut CZ

princess cut cz

Princess Cut CZ

rectangle cut cz

Rectangle Cut CZ

triangle cut cz

Triangle Cut CZ

trillion cut cz

Trillion Cut CZ

custom cut cz

Custom Cut CZ

round cut moissanite

Round Cut Moissanite

pear cut moissanite

Pear Cut Moissanite

heart cut moissanite

Heart Cut Moissanite

OCT rectangle cut moissanite

Rectangle Cut Moissanite

Princess cut moissanite

Princess Cut Moissanite

trillion cut moissanite

Trillion Cut Moissanite

emerald cut moissanite

Emerald Cut Moissanite

radiant cut moissanite

Radiant Cut Moissanite

synthetic opal_br
Penguins opal

Penguins Opal

man opal

Man Opal

Butterfly opal

Butterfly Opal

flower opal

Flower Opal

plus opal

Plus Opal

king opal

King Opal

Glasses opal

Glasses Opal

house opal

Horse Opal

Whale tail opal

Whale Tail Opal

Anchor opal

Anchor Opal

four leaf clover_br
Natural Malachite Clover Stone

Malachite Clover

natural white shell four leaf clover stone

White Shell Clover

syn red four leaf clover stone

Syn Red Turquoise

black agate four leaf clover stone

Black Agate Clover

syn green turquoise Clover Stone

Syn Green Turquoise

natural tiger eyes clover stone

Tiger Eyes Clover

natural red agate butterfly stone

Red Agate butterfly

Round shape Natural shell stone

Round Shape Shell

syn red turquoise oval cut stone

Syn Red Turquoise

round shape black agate stone

Round Black Agate

black agate butterfly stone

Black Agate butterfly

natural tiger eyes butterfly stone

Tiger Eyes Butterfly

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Does your business searching for a supplier of  high quality synthetic gemstone?

Perfect Carat is a wholesale provider of many quality synthetic gemstone products such as cubic zirconia, synthetic ruby, synthetic sapphire, synthetic spinel, nano gems and multi-color gems.

black nanogemsynthetic rubygreen nanogem
synthetic spinelblack nanogemblack nanogem

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